4SYS Repairs

At 4SYS Footwear, we make high-quality and durable products. We want to ensure that our products can be used as long as possible. We hope you join us in this mission, so we want to share some information about
repairing rather than replacing.

A repair can be an excellent solution for your favourite shoes, especially when your shoes are comfy and worn in. Repair is more economical and also more sustainable.

The Boot Repair Company is a partner of 4SYS and well equipped to repair your shoes. They have over 120 years of experience and only work with highly skilled craftsmen repairing each boot by hand.

They are responsible for the repair of boots (up to 5,000 pairs each year) for the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, including the Household Cavalry’s riding boots and jackboots.

You can find more about the process on their website: How it Works – The Boot Repair Company

Standard Process of Repair

Step 1: Order

Find the 4SYS style that you'd like repaired. Add it to your basket and complete your order. Choose 'Return Delivery' at the checkout.

Step 2: Ship

Ship the product to The Boot Repair Company in a secure parcel or any sufficient shipping packaging.

Step 3: Receive

Your boots will be returned to you via secure courier looking as good as new via UPS.